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meet the team


Babette’s greatest passion is the care and marketing of our horses. She oversees everything from transport, to food, to the health & well being of our horses. Babette also manages our contacts with our Spanish contacts about purchasing our horses. As she has lived in Barcelona, Spain over 7 years, she has a solid network of reliable stables, vets and breeders of the very best PRE horses. She speaks fluent Dutch, English and Spanish and it is through her that we maintain great contact with the breeders and sellers of our horses. Babette has a background working in sales & marketing for luxury brands and she applies this knowledge and experience in the care and transparency with which we market our horses. It was in Spain where Babette discovered her love and appreciation for the PRE breed.


Bo is a professional horse trainer who specialises in training young horses and establishing a solid foundation in dressage combined with groundwork. Bo also specialises in problem and trauma cases. He is a professional in the reining sport but has now shifted his focus to using groundwork and dressage to train horses with a soft hand and set them up for a solid sports career. Bo’s greatest passion is teaching others to improve their connection and communication with their horses and he offers lessons and training sessions to work on horse & rider connection.