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How we work

B|B Premium Horses aims to bring you top quality horses that have enjoyed extensive training and have excellent characters.

We select our horses from Spain based on looks, movements, build and above all character. The horses we select must pass an extensive vet check and have clean x rays. Our own vet here in Holland must also clear the vet videos and the x rays and then we begin the journey.

All of our horses are transported to us with worldhorsetransportbv a renowned company whose primary focus is the wellbeing of the horses. This way, our horses arrive relaxed, well fed and well handled.

Once here, our horses stay with us a minimum of 3 months. We take our time to train these young horses in both groundwork and dressage so they have a solid foundation. Only after 3 months can we be sure to really know the horses character and we can ensure a great match and future knowing the horse through and through. Our horses only leave when we feel absolutely certain the right match has been found.

Working this way lets us thoroughly enjoy these lovely horses ourselves and allows us to communicate the entire journey the horses have had with us to their new owners from start to finish.